Is Assualt Heroes Live! co-op still broken?

I never got around to calling support about co-op over Live! not working with Assualt Heroes, so I don’t know what would’ve come of that. I tried to play online today to see if this has been solved, but unfortunately no games I could join were found and no-one joined the ones I created.

The only news about it I’ve found is a post a Sierra employee made in their forum addressing this issue. Apparently they’ve known all along that the Live! support is broken. Shouldn’t customers be informed of this somehow? Preferably before they pay..

I’m sorry to say that a fix for this problem is still in the works, but we have been aware of this problem since day one. As far an official response to this issue, I’ve just posted it, although I’m afraid it won’t help alleviate any frustration that the community has.

No Live! with Assault Heroes?

Bought Assault Heroes on Live Arcade a couple of days ago and it’s a blast. Simple shoot’em’up that both plays and looks great.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get as much fun out of it as I’d like. Renewed my Live Gold account a few days ago and wanted to try playing Assault Heroes with a friend online. We managed to connect to each other just fine but after the loading was done the game got stuck on the waiting screen for both of us indefinitely. Same thing happens if I try a quick start with some random player.
When I e-mailed Microsoft’s Xbox support all I got was that I had to call them for them to be able to solve the issue, and when I did that they couldn’t help me at the call center either because they did not have the full version of the game available. Sounds somewhat weird to me. I’m supposed to try calling them again tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get a more helpfull answer then..

Crappy code now available on Live Arcade!

Wanted to try the The Outfit demo and the Feeding Frenzy demo but ran into a little problem. These two Xbox 360 games only work using PAL-60 when using the standard definition output, so if the Xbox 360 is set to PAL-50 the two games refuse to start. When using the high definition output, as I am, the Xbox detects this and do not allow changing from PAL-50 to PAL-60. So it looks like I wont be able to try these two games for now. Don’t know if it is an error in the Xbox 360 or these two games, but I hope it is fixed soon!

Looks like I’m not the only one using the high definition output, schrankmonster wrote about exactly the same issue a few days ago.

Update: The new game AstroPop has the same annoying problem.