Is Assualt Heroes Live! co-op still broken?

I never got around to calling support about co-op over Live! not working with Assualt Heroes, so I don’t know what would’ve come of that. I tried to play online today to see if this has been solved, but unfortunately no games I could join were found and no-one joined the ones I created.

The only news about it I’ve found is a post a Sierra employee made in their forum addressing this issue. Apparently they’ve known all along that the Live! support is broken. Shouldn’t customers be informed of this somehow? Preferably before they pay..

I’m sorry to say that a fix for this problem is still in the works, but we have been aware of this problem since day one. As far an official response to this issue, I’ve just posted it, although I’m afraid it won’t help alleviate any frustration that the community has.

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