A brand new phone

This monday I finally got a brand new SE k750i. Hurray! Hopefully this one will not break as the previous one did.

First I waited until after the date I got in a letter from OnOff that said that servicing my phone would take longer than expected. Then when nothing happened I called OnOff’s phone support and they said that the service partner was waiting for a replacement part so they could fix the old phone. This got me a little bit worried so I went to the OnOff store where I left my phone for replacement. You see, you can’t call the store directly, and the central phone support apparently does not know anything.

The salesman at the store, who seemed to really want to help me, contacted the service partner and they said that they were not trying to repair the phone as OnOff phone support had claimed, instead they were doing nothing at all. So the OnOff salesman got me a new phone from the store and a 200 SEK giftcertificate since he thought it had taken to long. Couldn’t agree with him more. Too bad they couldn’t just have given me a new phone the first time when I left my broken phone with them. OnOff or Sony-Ericsson, don’t know which, had already approved that I was going to get a new phone instead of them trying to repair the old phone once more.

2 thoughts on “A brand new phone

  1. Exactly, never ever. Hope someone higher up in the hierarcy at OnOff actually reads this so that they can get a grip of how their customers are being treated.

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