More OnOff/SE k750i madness

A while back my SE k750i phone broke down again. This time it was the third time the camera stopped working, so I incorrectly thought that OnOff would verify that the phone was broken and give me a new one. I’m not sure how I could be so naive considering my past experiences (link, link).

It’s now been a couple of weeks since I handed the phone in to OnOff. When I did, I was told that they would verify that it really was broken, duh, and then send me a new one by mail. This monday I got a letter that told me that the service of my phone will take longer than expected and that I will be notified when a new phone will be ready for me to pick up at the store where I turned my old one in. As I found out when calling OnOff’s customer support this is standard procedure for OnOff, and what I was told in the shop was not correct.

I’m not impressed. Why does it need to take one and a half month for them to verify that the phone is broken and get me a new one?

Update: Talked to a guy in the store and apparently for the phone to be verified as broken so I can get a new one it first have to be checked by their service partner, and then sent to another service company that does some more verifying. And since the service partner has a new owner the first step took some time. Maybe there is a good reason to handle it like this, but it sounds really stupid and slow to me, even with an external issue like changing owners.

6 thoughts on “More OnOff/SE k750i madness

  1. I doubt I will either 😉

    And not only have they made me as a customer incredibly anoyed, they’ve probably lost money on the sale of that phone because of all the servicing. Or is it Sony-Ericsson that takes the economical hit for all this?

  2. Luckily I’ve never bought anything from OnOff. Once I came near to, but wen’t to another store at the last moment. It was when I needed a new TV, must have been say 5 years ago or something like that. What put me off with On Off (no pun intended ;)) was the incredibly smug, annoying and upmost rude sales person who I talked to in the store. He treated me disrespectfully and in a manner that no customer ought to be treated so I took my business elsewhere. Since, I have not steped inside an OnOff store. I suggest you all follow my example.

  3. Ahh the famous outsourcing to a “service partner” in order to avoid any responsability whatsoever for a customers product. This trick is probably as old as the book, nice to see that on/off atleas isn’t ashamed of admitting it. To bad for you though, as you will likely have to wait even longer before you get your phone back. Maybe they need to change owners again? 😉 Because changing an owner on the paper really does affect the companies ability to do their work….

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