Google talk themes and non-admin accounts

Today I go the new,, version of Google Talk. There are a few new features, avatar images and chat window themes. Looks really neat.
Unfortunately it does not work 100% with non-admin accounts. Only the classic chat window theme is available. Not sure what goes wrong, it has happened on all my computers, but at least there is a simple fix.

Find the google talk settings directory on the administrator account used to install google talk, when logged in with that account.The “local settings” part is localized, so for a swedish OS it is “lokala inst√ɬ§llningar” instead.

c:\document and settings\username\local settings\application data\google\google talk

Then copy the themes directory to the same location for any non-admin accounts and change the permissions on the directory to match the parent directory. And that’s it.

2 thoughts on “Google talk themes and non-admin accounts

  1. Great! So far, how much evil spyware and how many viruses have you dodged by running as a limited user?
    And how much time has been wasted.. hrmpf, spent fixing glitches and errors?
    I thought one of the main reasons to avoid spyware/viruses was to have a properly functioning computer, so although using an account with limited privileges increases security it also prevents a large proportion of software to run well or at all.
    Sum it up, and instead of a theoretical risk of infection, or your browser-habits being monitored by an unscrupulous business you have a semi-functional system and have had to replace lots of your software.

  2. Since all that software is broken I don’t mind replacing it at all. And having to do little fixes like this while testing beta quality software (gtalk) isn’t all that bothersome, or time consuming.

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