StarForce is great

Helped a friend today who had some trouble with his computer. Whenever one interacted with “My computer”, right clicking or viewing didn’t matter, the computer completely froze for a few minutes. After I had looked through the list of running processes not finding anything really suspicious I checked on a hunch if he had the StarForce drivers installed. They were installed, so I used the StarForce Cleaner Utility to remove it. And to my surprise, or maybe not, all his troubles went away. Or at least, the computer stopped freezing every now and then.

8 thoughts on “StarForce is great

  1. Hooray for the ever potent and ingenious Russians! I even restorted to uninstalling trackmania nations (which is a free game) the other day to avoid having my DVD-reader running in PIO mode. Really, copy protection is one thing, but crippling the computer in the meantime is just too much.
    Let’s hope that enough people start boycotting SF so that it will sway the opinion of the publishers over time.

  2. Yes that site is owned by starforce, and apparently they are the only company that SF have licensed to distribute their removal tool. Any other usage of the removal tool is, according to SF, a copyright infringement.
    Somehow it’s very funny reading about a Russian company and copyright infringement, specially this one which does not back down from blatant lying either.
    Anyone remember the 10 000 USD contest concerning security flaws in SF?

  3. I feel StarForce will be the driving force behind the demise of PC gaming. As consoles go next-gen, they will look better than the PC does, and it will be pointless to fiddle around with several discs and go thru such impeding protection methods after having paid for the games. I can’t wait to get my hands on the PS3.

  4. I only play on my xbox 360 these days, except for Civilization 4. Much more confortable as well since I can lean back in my sofa while playing 😉

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