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Yesterday I finally got my SE k750i back from service. I must say I’m not impressed by how OnOff, the store here in Sweden where I bought the phone, handled the whole thing.

About two months ago the camera application on my phone stopped working. After upgrading the software as recommeded by Sony-Ericsson’s support failed to correct the issue I dropped the phone off for service at store where I bought it. Contrary to what SE’s support had told me that the service would take a maximum of 15 days OnOff told me it could take up to 30 days, they have their own people doing the service I was told. That’s a long time to be without one’s new phone.

A month later I got a letter from OnOff that told me the service would not be done within the promised month, adding about 9 days to the service time. Fine, I thought and waited. This time, luckily, they had apparently guessed the amount of time needed correctly because a month and a week after I turned my phone in I was told it was repaired.

Unfortunatly things didn’t turn out so well after all, because about 15 minutes after I had picked the phone up I noticed it had no reception what so ever. Somehow during the service of the camera they had broken the antenna, how could they have missed that the phone was completely unusable as a phone after they had serviced it? Shouldn’t they at least try and turn the phone on as a test? It would hardly take much of their time. Anyways, I had to turn it in a second time, third actually since the first phone I got when I bought it didn’t work at all so I got a new one the day after I bought it. And now, two months later I got it back, and it seems like they have finally fixed it.

The conclusion is, if you are in Sweden, never buy anything from OnOff that could possibly break.

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