Broken WPF Performance Tools

I’ve long thought that WPF Performance Tools for .NET 4.0 from the Windows 7 SDK was completely broken, the Visual Profiler never showed anything. Seems I just hadn’t done a good enough job when searching for a fix.

Now three years later I stumbled across a blog post at about a TimeZone fix for WPF Performance Tools that fixed my issue.

Securing Windows

Found a neat applet for making sure that I have the latest and most secure versions of my software created by Secunia. It’s called the Secunia Software Inspector and when I ran it on my computer I found that both my Java JRE and Adobe Flash were out of date. Keeping up with security fixes is a pain.

Also, the latest version of uTorrent apparently has a vulnerability []. I wonder why this isn’t made really obvious on uTorrent’s homepage?