Synchronizing Google Calendar with my phone 2

Since I last wrote about synchronizing my phone with Google calendar I’ve given up on the gcalsync j2me application. It simply was too cumbersome to manually start it up once in a while in order to get my calendars in sync.

As a replacement I’ve started using ScheduleWorld instead. It is a calendar service that in addition to supporting synchronization with google calendar sports a SyncML server. This allows me to use my phone’s built-in SyncML client and so far it has been working great except for some downtime a few days ago.

I’ve set it up so that my phone will synchronize ScheduleWorld once per day, and since ScheduleWorld can sync with Google calendar whenever a SyncML session is started it should keep all my stuff up to date.

I’d still prefer it if Google calendar would expose a SyncML service directly but you can’t get everything I guess. 🙂