It’s not a bug, it’s by design

When I changed the clock from winter to summertime on my SE k750i the calendar did not behave as expected. All events were moved one hour. I contacted Sony Ericsson Call Center about the problem and yesterday I got a response, this behavior is in the specification for the SE k750i. How stupid is that? I don’t care if they designed a bug on purpose or not. It causes problems for me, and I’d guess anyone else that uses the calendar on a k750i.

Update: After a few mails back and forth they’ve at least provided me with a workaround. Always sync the calendar with a computer and do a sync that overwrites the phone after each change between summer- and wintertime. Brilliant!

StarForce is great

Helped a friend today who had some trouble with his computer. Whenever one interacted with “My computer”, right clicking or viewing didn’t matter, the computer completely froze for a few minutes. After I had looked through the list of running processes not finding anything really suspicious I checked on a hunch if he had the StarForce drivers installed. They were installed, so I used the StarForce Cleaner Utility to remove it. And to my surprise, or maybe not, all his troubles went away. Or at least, the computer stopped freezing every now and then.