Yet another sync attempt

Some time ago I gave up on scheduleworld. I tried using Plaxo that synced to Microsoft Outlook and from there to my phone for a while but it was just to cumbersome. I had hoped that Plaxo would launch a SyncML solution, but that doesn’t seem likely for the foreseeable future.

Now I’m trying GooSync that currently only syncs with Google Calendar, but they recently announced that they were adding Google Contacts sync the next month or so. A big advantage of GooSync compared to Plaxo is that they handle events that you were invited to and support syncing multiple calendars, although to sync more calendars that the default you have to pay. But I don’t really mind that as long as the price is right, and GooSync is pretty cheap.

So now all I need is for Plaxo to add support for Google Contacts sync. Then I can sync my contacts and calendar wirelessly wherever I am to my phone and get contact updates from Plaxo. Maybe it’ll happen, but I wont hold my breath.