Configure the Firefox 2 beta 2 tab close button

 Just a little note for me if I decide to try the latest beta, from a comment at slashdot. 🙂

  1. Start Firefox.
  2. In the Address Bar type “about:config” and press Enter.
  3. Right-Click and select New->Integer.
  4. A box requesting the Preference Name will popup and you should enter “browser.tabs.closeButtons” (without the quotes). Press OK to continue.
  5. Now you need to select the type of close button you want:
    0 – display a close button on the active tab only
    1 – display close buttons on all tabs
    2 – don’t display any close buttons
    3 – display a single close button at the end of the tab strip (Firefox 1.x behavior). After entering the value corresponding to your preference press OK again.

Custom file name separator for Windows Media Player

After a failed attempt at finding out how to use a custom file name separator using google I located the registry value where Windows Media Player stores the separator using RegMon. So simple I really should’ve tried that first 🙂


I’ve only tried setting the value to ‘ – ‘ which works just fine, but any other string probably works too.  

Switching to PAL-60 wasn’t very difficult after all

I thought that I had to get some other output from the Xbox 360 to my TV to be able to set it to non-hdtv out. But it was just a small switch on the cord I was already using.

So now that I’ve switched to non-hdtv, changed to PAL-60, and then switched the cord back to hdtv out I can try all the new demos I previously complained that I couldn’t test. AstroPop seems like fun, but I’m not so sure if Feeding Frenzy can capture my attention for very long. Especially now that I’m planning on buying Oblivion tomorrow. Can’t wait to try it 😀

Still somewhat annoyed though that I had to change to PAL-60 when that setting isn’t used at all when using a hdtv.

I was wrong about KeePass

No idea how I could’ve missed it, but in the KeePass projects FAQ there is an explanation to the behaviour I was seeing as well as instructions how to fix it. Very embarrassing.

It seems that if the global .ini file exists it is loaded on start, but if it is readonly changed settings are stored in a per-user .ini file. But since the global one exists it is read on start, the old settings are used. So if the global one is deleted everything should work okey.

I wonder why they don’t try to read the per-user .ini file first though.

Civilization 4 startup speed

While trying to get a Civilization 4 pbem (play by e-mail) game going I got really annoyed by the amount of time it takes for the game to startup. Turning off the in-game movies by setting

NoMovies = 1

in CivilizationIV.ini helps a bit though. Haven’t checked what other movies besides the startup once gets disabled by that option, hopefully nothing too interesting.

CivilizationIV.ini can be found in the My Documents\My Games\civ4 folder or something similar.

Update: It would seem the folder under My Games is named after the folder Civilization 4 is installed into.