Second Search Firefox extension

While browsing the extensions on Firefox Add-ons I found an extension called Second Search. It adds a shortcut menu to the search box with the different search engines. It allows you to search using any of the installed search engines without having to change the default engine using just a few key presses.

A much needed usability improvement to the search box if you ask me. 🙂

Firefox extensions

Currently there is only one extension that I find really useful, and that is Download Statusbar. Are there any other useful extensions out there worth having installed?

At the moment I’m toying with a few additional extensions together with Firefox 2.0.

  • ChromaTabs – Colors the each tab with a different color depending on the domain
  • – Adds “My” and tag buttons
  • Tab Catalog – Shows thumbnails of the pages for each tab similar to the new IE7 feature

I think the Tab Catalog one will the first to go since I can’t really come up with any good uses for it. But the other two I might keep. Having two small buttons for instead of an entire Bookmarks toolbar visible is nice. The only thing that could cause issues is if it starts crashing the browser as some previous version did when I tried it with Firefox 1.5. And the colored tabs looks really nice and adds a very easy way to distinguish between different sites when I browse forums and so on.