Done playing Oblivion

Finished all the quests that give you achievements in Oblivion yesterday, and a lot more side quests along the way. I’ve been playing the game off and on since it came out with probably somewhere close to 300 hours total playtime. Sounds pretty crazy, but I sure got my moneys worth. 🙂

I skipped over most of the dungeons and ruins unless I had to enter them because of quests since they were so boring and repetitive. Also, since everything leveled with you all sense of progress was lost. What I did spend my time on was the quests and books in the game. I loved the Shivering Isles and Dark Brotherhood quests. The main quests that involved the gates to Oblivion were really boring though. There was nothing in Oblivion to discover, only lava and some really repetitive towers to climb.

1 thought on “Done playing Oblivion

  1. I completely agree with you! The game becomes extraordinarily tedious if you follow the make quest through the towers.
    A shame really, as it has so much going for it!

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