Trying Google Reader

I think I’m going to switch from FeedDemon/Newsgator to Google Reader. I’ve been trying it now for about a week and even if there are some bugs the experience has been pretty good. It feels responsive and fits the way I read feeds. Not sure if it’s any better than FeedDemon/Newsgator, but so far I haven’t found it to be any worse either.

Some things that would make Google Reader even better.

  • Streamline folder and tag concepts. It’s just too confusing right now.
  • Make it possible to rename folders and tags.
  • Add an option to only show new items for a folder/tag/feed since I last read it.
  • Filter and group items that are about the same topic, like Google News and Gmail.
  • Feed recommendations based on what I read.

I have a few months left on my current Newsgator subscription and right now it looks like I wont be renewing it. But maybe some killer feature will be added in the next FeedDemon release that will change that. Who knows? 🙂

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