I’ve actually had time to watch some TV shows

I recently spent some time catching up with my favourite tv shows. That we only have 24h days sucks.

Stargate SG-1 is still a lot of fun to watch, and lately I’ve felt it’s actually gotten a lot better. Who would’ve thought that could happen on the 10th season of a show. Unfortunately the spin-off Atlantis hasn’t really improved. The only thing that keeps me watching is McKay. A similar situation to the holodoc in Star Trek Voyager. 🙂

Battelstar Galactica though is slipping. It’s still somewhat fun to watch, great characters and environments, but they really need to tighten things up a bit story wise. It’s starting to go the same way as Lost, a series I completely lost interest in somewhere in the second season. A confusing mess with no apparent sense of direction or plan. Hopefully there is a plan, and all the confusion will start to make sense soon.

I’ve also watched a few episodes of Smallville and I really like the JLA direction it’s heading in at the moment. 😀

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