Xbox360 and Windows Media Connect

Was a little disappointed finding out that you need Windows XP Media Center to stream video to the Xbox 360. I had incorrectly assumed that I would be able to stream all types of media from my PC to the Xbox 360.

To be able to play music and watch photos from a Windows XP computer you install an application called Windows Media Connect. It would seem that it supports video just fine, so why have they added the arbitrary limitation to the Xbox 360? Am I just too stupid to realize how smart it is? Maybe I am since I can’t understand why the Xbox 360 dvd-player is region locked either.

So now I have to keep my dvd-player as well as my laptop connected to my tv. I use my laptop to play video on my tv via my wireless lan from my main computer.

What is the point of adding the media functionality to the Xbox 360 when I have to keep my other devices anyways? They could’ve just put the money spent on half-duplicating existing features into making the machine cheaper.

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