Gears of war

Managed to find time to play through Gears of war yesterday. Based on what I’ve experienced so far with the game it really deserves the praise it has received in reviews. The single player game is a blast with non-stop action all the way through. Nothing really revolutionary but just plain fun with some interesting game mechanics, great graphics, good controls and pretty well fleshed out game world.

The one negative thing about it I can think of is that it felt a bit short, possibly because I played it through on the easiest difficulty or because sometimes the story jumped ahead just a little bit too quickly sometimes leaving me scratching my head. Hopefully the sequels will improve on the story aspect of the game.

The single player game is just one part of the game though. But I haven’t tried multiplayer yet because my live gold account expired and I haven’t bothered to renew it. Playing games with British teenagers who only scream obscenities was no fun. A friend and I tried playing co-op splitscreen though, but that didn’t work all that great. It felt really cramped and it was really hard to get what was going on. Maybe my 32″ TV is too small for what they had in mind. It’s probably a lot better online.

Anyways, I’m really happy that I bought it and if I manage to renew my live gold account it and my live arcade games will probably keep me occupied until Mass Effect. 🙂

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