Fixing “LUA bugs” article

Fixing “LUA bugs”, Part I by Aaron Margosis, an interesting read about how to handle applications that needs an administrator account to run even though they really shouldn’t need it.

The first, and best, solution is to let the applications developer fix it. Although it sounds great on paper, right now it seems really hard to convince some developers to make sure their applications run as a non-admin user. At least that is what I found out when I contacted Sony-Ericsson. But game developers are probably the worst when it comes to making their games run as non-admin. If their plan has been all along to make me stop playing PC games and move over to playing only on my Xbox they’ve succeeded.


7 thoughts on “Fixing “LUA bugs” article

  1. Or you could just hope for the best and use a fraction of the time you spend bitching about lack of limited rights account support and remove any malware you recieve while being constantly logged in as admin 🙂
    Seriously, you would save so much time by not bothering.

  2. But that wouldn’t any fun would it? 😛

    And how can you be so sure all the malware installed gets removed by whatever tool you use?

  3. Although your goals are admirable you can’t expect all developers in the world to all of a sudden start developing software that will run on a limited account for Windows. The majority of users on Windows are loged in with administrator level privileges and have so been ever since Windows first came about. So to sum it up, I think it’s the right way to go moving towards applications that will run on limited accounts, but you can’t expect it to happen overnight, and you shouldn’t stop playing games on your PC just because of it. =)

  4. ohh and I forgot, in a couple of years games on the PC will be sooooo much cooler looking than games on the Xbox so you won’t be able to resist going back to PC gaming =D

  5. Most of the Windows game titles published by Microsoft in the past few years work just fine under a limited user account. They typically drop all their settings into the My Documents\My Games\ folder.

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