Streaming TV-shows

After reading in the swedish newspaper DN that CBS is showing their new TV-series Threshold over the internet I went and checked their homepage. What I got after some confused navigation was a streaming video containing the text:

This content is not available for viewing outside of the United States

A little bit dissapointing but not very surprising, and since the quality of that stream is probably substandard anyway it doesn’t really matter.

When will these media companies realize that a lot of people loves to see the latest series as soon as possible? I know that one can buy Lost via iTunes but what is that compared to getting the episodes as soon as they are aired in full hd quality? If I have understood things correctly I’d only get a really low resolution version of the episodes via iTunes as well.

What I’d like to see is a way to buy each episode before they get pirated so I can watch it via my computer that is hooked up to my hdtv. It doesn’t really matter if it is streamed or downloaded as long as the price is right and the quality is high. Buying the DVDs later is boring since they take foreever before they are released and I’d miss all the fun discussions that take place when the episodes are first aired. Then there’s the whole subject about DVD regions one have to circumvent to be able to buy some DVDs if one wishes to wait.

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