Why DRM will kill mobile music

Carlo Longino has written an interesting piece on how DRM will kill the mobile music.

I’ve had some similar experiences to those described in the post. When contacting an artist, Mustasch, about what to do if the copy protection on their latest album made it unplayable, or stopped me from copying the songs to my mp3 player, I was told that if I couldn’t rip them I could download the songs illegally from the internet.

When it comes to copy protected songs bought online I’ve been instructed only to buy songs that allows me to burn them as a music-cd and then rip them as unprotected mp3s so I can play them on my mp3 player.

So what is the point of the copy protection now again? Or maybe my use case is so uncommon that it isn’t considered a problem. Who knows. I know one thing, I want to be able to pay for the music I listen to, as long as I can listen to it easily on any of my devices. Making it more difficult for a paying customer is not the way to go.

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