It’s not a bug, it’s by design

When I changed the clock from winter to summertime on my SE k750i the calendar did not behave as expected. All events were moved one hour. I contacted Sony Ericsson Call Center about the problem and yesterday I got a response, this behavior is in the specification for the SE k750i. How stupid is that? I don’t care if they designed a bug on purpose or not. It causes problems for me, and I’d guess anyone else that uses the calendar on a k750i.

Update: After a few mails back and forth they’ve at least provided me with a workaround. Always sync the calendar with a computer and do a sync that overwrites the phone after each change between summer- and wintertime. Brilliant!

Is Assualt Heroes Live! co-op still broken?

I never got around to calling support about co-op over Live! not working with Assualt Heroes, so I don’t know what would’ve come of that. I tried to play online today to see if this has been solved, but unfortunately no games I could join were found and no-one joined the ones I created.

The only news about it I’ve found is a post a Sierra employee made in their forum addressing this issue. Apparently they’ve known all along that the Live! support is broken. Shouldn’t customers be informed of this somehow? Preferably before they pay..

I’m sorry to say that a fix for this problem is still in the works, but we have been aware of this problem since day one. As far an official response to this issue, I’ve just posted it, although I’m afraid it won’t help alleviate any frustration that the community has.

Trouble accessing

I’ve had some trouble accessing lately and thought it had to do with me using Firefox, since it worked just fine when using Internet Explorer.  I got an uninformative ASP.NET runtime error.

Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

Runtime Error

But after reading this thread at channel9 I cleared all cookies from the domain and now I can access again.

Trying Google Reader

I think I’m going to switch from FeedDemon/Newsgator to Google Reader. I’ve been trying it now for about a week and even if there are some bugs the experience has been pretty good. It feels responsive and fits the way I read feeds. Not sure if it’s any better than FeedDemon/Newsgator, but so far I haven’t found it to be any worse either.

Some things that would make Google Reader even better.

  • Streamline folder and tag concepts. It’s just too confusing right now.
  • Make it possible to rename folders and tags.
  • Add an option to only show new items for a folder/tag/feed since I last read it.
  • Filter and group items that are about the same topic, like Google News and Gmail.
  • Feed recommendations based on what I read.

I have a few months left on my current Newsgator subscription and right now it looks like I wont be renewing it. But maybe some killer feature will be added in the next FeedDemon release that will change that. Who knows? 🙂

Securing Windows

Found a neat applet for making sure that I have the latest and most secure versions of my software created by Secunia. It’s called the Secunia Software Inspector and when I ran it on my computer I found that both my Java JRE and Adobe Flash were out of date. Keeping up with security fixes is a pain.

Also, the latest version of uTorrent apparently has a vulnerability []. I wonder why this isn’t made really obvious on uTorrent’s homepage?