Looks like origenxbox360.com has opened and it is some kind of competition. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell fact from fiction so I failed to join in on all the fun. Don’t even know what the prize is, so maybe I’m not missing anything anyways.

Anyone want me to mail them from the site so I can try again? 😉

Oblivion article scans

This game is looking better and better for every new article I read. Hopefully it can live up to my expectations. But since I really loved Morrowind I can’t see how they can go wrong. The only thing that has me worried is that I’m probably going to get this game for the xbox360, and Morrowind on the Xboxh ad some pretty nasty bugs. Time will tell I guess.


Xbox360 region locked

TeamXbox just reported that Microsoft has decided that the Xbox360 will be region locked both for games and playing dvd. I really hope that it isn’t true. Who in their right mind would by a dvd-player that is region locked? Can’t really understand the point of locking games to a specific region either.

I was hoping to replace my current dvd-player with the Xbox360, but I guess that it isn’t Microsofts goal to make the Xbox360 the media center of my living room.

Xbox 360 pricing

After some confusion it looks like the pricing for the xbox 360 has been confirmed. It was first leaked on LATimes and later confirmed on ign and GameSpot. LA Times requires registration so use BugMeNot if you don’t have an account.

Xbox 360 core system: $299
Xbox 360: $399

I seriously doubt anyone will buy the cheaper core system considering what you get at the higher price point. According to the price list on GameSpot just adding the harddrive to the core system will add up to the total price of the Xbox 360 $399 package.

Via EvilAvatar.

Update: Major Nelson has posted the same info but with some additonal pretty pictures of the peripherals and boxes. Nothing really new.